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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Custom Order Shoes for Girls

Whoa! I have not posted in a lonnnng time. The Fall semester at school kept me too busy to post. But, I have been taking pictures of all of the shoes I've painted, the food I've cooked, and the new makeup I've bought. So, I'll probably post a ton of stuff today.

Since the Dali shoes, I have had a nice stream of cute girl orders and fun guy orders. Here are some of the shoes I've painted for girls...

I painted these for a good friend of mine. She wanted something to represent her love of writing. So I painted a girl writing out a Saul Williams' poem.

I also had a customer order two different pairs of Nightmare Before Christmas shoes. Her favorite color is purple, so we made the roses on both pairs purple. I had a lot of fun painting these. :)

Continuing with the cute movie theme. Ha ha. I painted a pair of Peter Pan inspired shoes for another friend of mine. And, the coolest thing is what she told me happened when she wore them:

"I was at Walt Disney World and participated in the Indiana Jones show. The guy leading the show made very nice compliments over the microphone to the audience about my Peter Pan shoes. Awesome Disney publicity for Vans-Gogh? I think so. :) "


  1. They're amazing :D I liked a lot :) Don't'you think in sell it ?

  2. WOW. These are amazing!! You're so talented.