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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Cake for Austin

So, my friend Austin just turned 19. He is getting ready to graduate from high school, so the excitement is building for his move to New York City. He'll be attending Pace University in the Fall and I'm crazy proud of him! Since he loves NYC and he hopes to be acting on Broadway one day, my mom and I decided to through him an NYC-themed surprise party. The menu included pizza and an NYC themed cake (complete with New York skyline and a Playbill featured his face). :)

I was on a short deadline, so I had to make the cake in just two days. I've only worked with covering cake with fondant one time before, so it was still pretty tricky for me. I had a great time making and painting the decorations though. And, Austin loved his surprise party. So, I think it was a success.

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